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James Brown


James Brown, as most of the celebrities today and before, had a very large family, especially due to the fact that he had children with several women. He had 4 legal spouses, marrying 4 times in his life. Let’s see more details about his family, and the names of his 4 wives, along with the names of some of his children.

Brown’s marriages and childre

Brown’s first wife was Velma Warren, which married him in 1953; this was his longest-lasting marriage relationship from all. Their marriage lasted for more than a decade, until 1969, when they finally divorced legally. However, Velma and James maintained a very nice friendship until the day he passed away.

The second wife Brown had was Deidre “Dee – Dee” Jenkins. Their marriage took place in October 22, 1970. Their life as a couple ended nine years later, in 1979, ending in a separation. Their legal divorce was in January 6, 1981.

Adrienne Lois Rodriguez was his third wife, marrying Brown in 1984. This marriage could have been Brown’s most troubled one, because of several domestic abuse complaints that were made. She died in January 1996. Later on that same year, Brown started to date with one of his band’s background singers he had hired, Tomi Rae Hynie.

Brown and Hynie were married in December 23, 2002. After his death, attorneys determined that their marriage was not valid because Hynie was already married with a man from Bangladesh.

Brown had many children, but acknowledged only nine of them, from which five of those were boys (Terry, Teddy, Daryl, Larry and James Joseph Jr. Brown) and four girls as well (Lisa, Yamma Noyola Brown Lumar, Deanna Brown Thomas and Venisha Brown). Besides, Brown had a total of eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.