James Brown – Godfather of Soul

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James Brown


James Brown will always be immortalized as a music legend. During his long career, reaching almost 6 decades, he was acknowledged as one of the most important and greatest artists of the 20th century, undoubtedly. As we all know, no one lives forever. Sadly, James Brown passed away in Christmas Day of 2006 (December 24th), at 1:45 AM ETS (Eastern Time Zone), at the age of 73. Let’s see what events led to his decease.

Events that lead to Brown’s death

Brown already had been accused of consuming drugs like PCP (also known as “angel dust”), tobacco, cocaine, and others. Of course, these substances’ effects on the organism are not positive, and Brown’s health was later affected by these.

The day before his death, December 23, Brown had an appointment with his dentist, in Atlanta, Georgia, to receive a dental implant. Due to his delicate health in that time, he arrived late. His dentist noticed his illness and recommended him to see a doctor right away. Later, Brown headed to the Emory Crawford Long Memorial Hospital for a medical exam the next day. Charles Bobbit, his manager and friend, later testified that Brown had a severe cough since returning from a trip to Europe in November. But Brown seemed to never complain about his illnesses, and even was used to performing while sick. Brown never thought his health would worsen, as it eventually did that same day, while hospitalized.

At 1:45 AM, Brown passed away due to congestive heart failure, caused by pneumonia. Bobbit, mentioned before, reported that Brown said, before dying, “I’m going away tonight”, and later took three quiet, long breaths before falling asleep… a rest he never woke up from.

The world still remembers James Brown with a lot of appreciation, and will be remembered for many years from now.